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FreshLife™ - Fruit Vegetable Cleaning Device

“This is a miracle thing! I soak cucumbers with this device and was shocked! The water became cloudy... I can take care of the health of my entire family. This is very necessary for everyday life!”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Sarah K.

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Pesticides, which are widely used to control pests in producing food, are sprayed with hazmat suits and are too toxic to ingest. For young children and elderly, with weaker immune systems, long-term ingestion of pesticide residues may result in health damage. Taking care of the family's health is very difficult and there is an additional paranoia about the consumption of food with pesticides trapped beneath its surface.

Introducing FreshLife™, a fruit and vegetable cleaning device that adopts a proven hydroxyl ion purification technology that creates an alkaline environment. By simply submerging FreshLife™ in the water, it can penetrate deeper into the produce to degrade pesticides and remove bacteria for safer consumption. Now, looking after the entire family reaps the benefits of consuming more fresh produce worry-free!


5 Reasons Why FreshLife™ Will Change Your Life


LIVE HEALTHIER: Electrolysis of water by FreshLife™ generates OH- ions and increases the pH of the water to degrade pesticides into harmless substances. Safely consume food without pesticide residues to improve the immune system significantly!

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: Other than fruits and vegetables, FreshLife™ can easily purify different items such as meat, seafood, grain, and even tableware. This ensures that no trace of pesticide can be found in a clean kitchen.

BRING IT ANYWHERE: Ergonomic capsule design of FreshLife™ makes it portable and easy to store in drawers and bags. Take along to consume clean foods both indoors and outdoors!

EASY TO WASH: FreshLife™ is designed to have flexible rotation. After every single use, it automatically shuts off, is easy to disassemble and washing is hassle-free!

SAFE TO USE: IPX7 waterproof material of FreshLife™ is a safety precaution against electrocution. Its durable titanium electrode is made to withstand the test of time and take care of the family for a long time.



1. Fully charge on the wireless docking station before use. When charging, the green light flashes. When charging is complete, the green light stops flashing.

2. Submerge fruit and vegetables fully with FreshLife™ in clean water. It is recommended to be below 40°F and not exceed 3L of water.

3. After cleaning is done, there will be 3 beeps and indicator lights go out. 


We understand the worries of preparing fruits and vegetables for the family and washing with tap water does not remove pesticide residues, since they are not visible to the naked eye. As a parent, it is disheartening to see vulnerable kids and elder parents fall sick due to ingesting nasty chemicals on the produce. According to World Health Organisation, pesticides may induce adverse health effects such as cancer and weakened nervous systems.   

Thankfully, FreshLife™ Essential Fruit Vegetable Cleaning Device makes it easier to ensure families can grow healthy together. By using ions to degrade pesticides, all fresh produce is thoroughly cleaned for peace of mind when consuming food. Simplify the process of washing and enjoy pesticide-free fruits and vegetables that are rich in nutrition with your loved ones!     


Product Specifications

Size (with base): 91 mm x 91 mm x 162 mm

Number of Usage (full charge): 25 times

Timing of Each Usage: 10 minutes

Battery Capacity: 4400 mAh

Voltage: 5 V / 8 W 


Package Contents

1x FreshLife™ Fruit Vegetable Cleaning Device

1x USB Cable

1x User Manual


Our Guarantee

Your satisfaction is our #1 priority. We’re sure you will love our FreshLife™ as much as we do. However, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a risk-free 30 day moneyback guarantee.